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Any Given Sunday Has It's Price, But Half a Million ???

When Fantasy season rolls around and I have to pay my fantasy dues, sometimes north of two hundred dollars, my wife has been known to give the stink eye. Of course, she's joking, at least I think she's joking. Maybe that's why I sleep with one eye open for a few weeks. But regardless I pay hoping to win my money back and then some. After all, that's why we gamble in sports right, we want to win money. But fantasy football isn't always about the money, it's about the game. But betting on sports events isn't about the game, it's about the money.

Have you ever heard the phrase, Any Given Sunday? See the idea is that on any given Sunday, anyone can beat anyone. Last Sunday we saw the Dolphins pull off the biggest upset this season when they lateraled the ball down the field to beat the Patriots. The Raiders, yes the same Raiders that traded away Khalil Mack to the Bears, beat the Steelers last week as well. And on this past Sunday, the 49ers pulled off their biggest upset in a few years by beating the Seattle Seahawks. A team they have not beaten in five years. Remember they play twice every season. The Seahawks have won the past ten games against the Red and Gold. Unless you are a fan of either of these teams so what, right?

A very interesting story over on Yahoo tells how one bettor placed $569,000 dollars in two different bets that the Seahawks would beat the 49ers. Let me remind you the 49ers won 26-23 in overtime. This particular person just lost over half a million dollars. And right before Christmas to boot. As a 49ers fan, all I can do is laugh, haha. Hope this person has enough money left over to pay for their divorce attorney because they may need it.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, Any Given Sunday. Next time I get the stink eye I might remind my wife at least I didn't lose over half a million dollars.

If it ain’t football news, is it worth reading?

Matt Woolsey

ProFootball Free Lance Writer at
I was a December baby born in 1980. Married to my beautiful bride Jen for the past 15 years, and father of 3. Been a 49ers fan since the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice. I've been playing fantasy football for almost 20 years, been playing dynasty for the past 5 years. All I can say is I love the game.

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