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Winning in the NFL – It’s This Simple

Good Morning Jets fans, after my hiatus, I’ve been violently ill for the last couple days, but here I am.

This article was going to be about the Pryor acquisition. I think it’s great. But that ends here.

We (well, me actually) are going to talk a little bit about why some teams win, and why others, are the Jets, the Browns, and so forth.

Today, the media talks about “The Patriot Way” (it’s bullshit) But some teams have an organizational blueprint (acknowledged or not) on how they do things.

The Steelers and the Vagiants do. Shula did, (sorry Dee, the Phins still suck) Gibbs did. Walsh did, Brown did.

Now, before you say, I’m full of shit, count the Super Bowl rings between them. Other organizations remain in a constant state of flux, preventing them from success.

So, let’s go to New England (anyone here a demolition expert?). Belichick learns the art of Coaching, from two masters, his father, and Parcells. BB was breaking down game film around the age of 6. Then learned Economics (important fact, but…the digression is too long).

“They are run by ex-football players.” – Hobbes on why NFL teams continue to fail

Yeah, He failed in Cleveland. Who doesn’t? But he learned what he didn’t know, then came back to Parcells, and got it. But, this is a unique situation. He’s one of a kind. We want to know why football organizations fail to achieve excellence.

They are run by ex-football players. And they never bring in intellect. That is a fact.

I’m only going to assert one fact here. Pete Carroll, and His GM, just hired Brian fucking Schottenheimer. Seriously?

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In his years here, he never produced a top 10 offense. The year he cracked 15, the NYJ had a top 3 defense.organization. So, in the real world, companies employ Six Sigma or TQM principles, to learn, what they’re missing. In the NFL, never.

You all sit home and watch GROWN FUCKING MEN, mismanage the god damn game clock, for crying out loud, (most recently FSU against Michigan in the NCAA tourney). Grade school math. Al Groh had a fucking time clock coach. Again, a football guy, not…say, someone from NASA, or Wall Street. get it?

So Pryor, joins Kearse, a Healthy Devin Smith, Enunwa, Jalin Marshall (slot),
(P.S. Stewart makes an amazing catch from time to time, but is useless every down, like Hackenberg. Hansen is a step above not elite, like those listed). Mickey Macc be a GM, shed your errors.

  • Pryor needs to move inside to TE
  • Smith to the outside
  • Marshall to the slot.

It takes 5 players to cover those three. Math. (and you tell me, which LB or Safety gets abused. Pryor ate Revis’ lunch in 16.)

He caught 6 for 101. (13 targets).

Anyway, it’s football, but…consider, bringing in someone, with…perspective or intelligence.

The NFL is (at least said to be) a copycat league. no one copies, the Pats offense, and Yes, Dave it is that simple.

Bill Walsh, 1979.