Jets Summer of Sam – A Little Clarity

An Update to my previous article, since the NY Media, that has you know, actual access to the team fails to actually report, I am forced to do double duty.

So, flashback to 2016, Joey Bosa 3rd Overall, Like the .14 Caliber Killer, refused to sign, and reflecting, we gain some clarity.

In the CBA, the team has a fifth-year option for a first round pick and then wants to spread the signing bonus out over 5 years The player clearly wants the signing bonus up front, (and if it is a signing bonus, he is entitled to it, period.)…The team, hoping to avoid a Hackenpuke like screw up, is looking for the player to sign a deal that allows the team to cut him after four and recoup the pro rata fifth-year portion of the ‘signing bonus’ .. That’s bullshit. I do blame both sides for this impasse, this should have been brought up in pre draft interviews. Again, Josh Allen (same agent) is signed. There are so many guilty parties here, one has to do the hokey pokey and turn themselves all around to point them out.

  • The NFLPA, allowing the CBA to allow a ‘Signing Bonus’ to be spread into an option year.
  • The Players, that don’t address that going in.
  • The GM’s that don’t adress that going in.
  • Teams, that do not make their GM’s and prospects understand that they will act, in any predictable pattern. (e.g. We will pay you a guaranteed SB either Upfront, or spread over four, but if you want more $$$, it goes into the 5th year).
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In the end,  it’s the drones that put the dollars into this beastly cash cow, that get taken for granted, taken for a ride, and pushed to the side.

Maybe it’s time fans unionized.

Hell a 60″ TV, and a great grill will cost you the same price as two home games.

Stay home. Until they stop fucking it up.

I want to know what you think.

C’mon enter the Tigers den.



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