Jets Broncos Post Game. The Return of the .14 Caliber Killer

So, 30  minutes before kick off, and I am here once again in my secure undisclosed location, trying to shake off the after-effects of last nights monster Chili Cookoff.  Our hosts put on an incredible affair, and there just isn’t enough liquid bread to salve some of the stinging heat I enjoyed last night.  My favorite chili, Contestant number 3 actually came away as the winner of Best Chili overall. Which seems kind of fitting, since she was the hostess. It was another one of those glorious nights, I’ve come to enjoy so routinely after having fled the NY/NJ area for the biggest small town city in America, Columbus Oh.   Big starry skies, bonfire (no vanities), little kids on hayrides, and of course, what fall chili cookoff would be complete without pumpkin decorating. All this a day after I read in the news that NJ is the most stressed-out state in America.  Well, it is full of Mets /Jets/ and Islander fans after all.

So today we sit here hoping for a home win, and a chance to maybe believe that .500 is a possibility under Bowles. Not much to say before game time, except I think this may be the least optimistic and least enthused I’ve been for a fall Sunday afternoon, in a very long time.  This team from an organizational standpoint just seems so clueless and lacking that it’s taking the joy out of football, and…ffs, writing about football as well.

The Jets first play from scrimmage. Again, run. up the middle. They were so happy with a 2 yard gain the ran it again. Fumble at the 20. Three plays later Maye gets beat on a crossing route for 6.  Watching the Jets defense play, it seems like Aaron Rodgers gets traded once a week to ‘whoever plays the Jets’.

So, at the half, after three huge plays, the Jets are up and playing well. But, there are 71,000 people holding their breath.  For a change, the sun shone at Metlife Field while the Jets were on it.  The .14 Caliber killer had his best day as a pro.  Crowell was a beast. But let’s get the bitch out of the way. Pryor. 1 target, 1 catch, 20 yards, 1 TD. And it was a sweet catch. One-hand tipped it to himself and hauled it in while draped by a Denver DB. Master Bates has started getting him the ball. Period. But today, the OL salvaged a shit ton of respectability, keeping Little Sammy Sunshine clean, and battering the Broncos for 300 yards on the ground.  Yes, Some of it was Crowell, the human battering ram, but…the Jets (FUCKING FINALLY)  were able to run Darnold in short yardage, for First Downs.

Let us be clear, this is a game the Jets SHOULD have won. Like Miami, Like Cleveland. But today, Mickey Maccs club played up to their press clippings and their own in-house hype.  I’m not putting the fan hat on, except for being all in on Darnold. The .14 Caliber killer is going to strike fear in the autumn nights. Especially if Robby Anderson keeps beating defensive backs like they are arresting officers. If Master Bates would start playing Pryor in an HBack role, inside the numbers, Darnold would be having a Pro Bowl season, and I do not say that lightly. He’s been hampered by shit coaching, drops, and the fact that they are not using a bigger target to massage the margins.

To wrap it up, it was a nice day where the engine was firing on all cylinders, and the sun was shining and the road wide open. And, to their credit, they have two very impressive wins, considering how well Detroit has acquitted themselves after week one. Now, they face another test. Luck and the Colts come into town on 10 days rest and badly wounded. This is a game, where the Jets need to show the missing piece on offense. Sustained drives, 4 plus yards a play, first down after first down. Implacable.

It is the look and the feel the .14 Caliber Killer has been giving, even in losses. Right now, this teams best defense is sustained offense, and they have the pieces they need to show it.

I want to know what you think.

C’mon enter the Tigers Den.



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Long Suffering Jets Fan, is there really anymore that needs to be said? Jetted from the East Coast to Columbus, but I still bleed green, and it's time for brutal honesty, Enter the Tigers Den. NYJets

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