Jets Pre Game … Ravage the Vikings

So, We’re looking at an interesting game this week.  On a side note, It’s been a really weird week here, as well. Since we talked last, I was most vexed by missing out on the invitation of a lifetime, extended by the Cherub from Cincinnati, sent a gift ,that then disappeared, arose to some disheartening texts another morning, and all in all, felt like this is one of those weeks, where if I had my finger on the button, as much as I love Y’all, you’d all be toast kiddies. However, back to the game.

The Jets are home dogs, and the Kirk cousins hype from the preseason continues even though he has a pre-season playoff pick hovering at about .500.  Remember, The NY Media, claimed: ” The Jets are screwed if they don’t sign Cousins”. For many, he was the piece to go from  Playoff team to Super Bowl.   One lone voice in the wilderness told you. Kirk Cousins sucks. Straight up.  Gee, wonder who that Oracle was. Oh right. Hobbes.  Now, sit back and let me blow your mind with one very interesting stat.

Cousins has tossed 12 TD’s to Darnold’s 9 in 6 games, however, Cousins has completed 185 of 260 passes, to get those 12 Td’s. Darnold has 9 Td’s in 6 games, however, Darnold has attempted 179 passes (Less than Cousins has completed) Darnold has completed, 107 of those 179 attempts.   Now, do the math.  Dividing 12/185 * 100  gets you 6.4%  Dividing 9/107 * 100 = 8.4% . Darnold tosses TDs at a 2% higher rate than Cousins. Now take that one step further. Take 78 completions, and multiply that by 8.4%.  That’s 6.5.  On the same number of completions, Darnold would have tossed 17 TD’s to Cousins 12. (The math, adjusted for attempts is close enough to merit disregarding, due to a rookie having an expected lower completion %). Though to be fair Darnold is completing 60%. He had two subpar 45% games, but his stat line reads, (weeks 1-6) 76%, 61%,48%,50%,45%, 80%.  Cousins is completing at 71%.

So, to sum up, Darnold throws TD’s at a faster clip, the Cousins does. The Jets are 11th in scoring offense, the Viqueens 19. The Jets average 130 yards a game on the ground. The ‘Queens, 87.  The Vikings, on the offseason vaunted arm of a career losing QB, throw it a shit ton, but they don’t score as often. The Jets score more than the Viqueens just like Darnold scores more often than Cousins does, based on TD’s/completions.

Another thing to remember is the Jets play better as dogs historically, in fact, the Jets are 8-2 ATS in their last 10 games as home underdogs. The Vikings are 1-5-1 ATS in their last seven games as a favorite.

The NFL hype machine has made much of the (losing) NFL Demigod Cousins to Theilen connection.  Seriously?  Yes, he puts up yards, (just like Cousins) but the Vikings are still 19th in scoring offense. If the Jets double Theilen and reduce him to shallow underneath routes, the Vikes are finished. (and FWIW, he only has 4 TDs).

Both Teams average 30 minutes of T.O.P.  

All in all, If the Jets can either A: run the ball (Vikings give up 97 a game) or B: Establish an early lead, this game is a game the Jets SHOULD win.

Write it down now. This is THE game. Darnold beats the Vikings.  And FWIW, if Turd Ferguson had any balls at all when it happens, he’d mention how the Jets came out ahead with Darnold, (who is already the better QB), and  Cousins classless swipe at the Jets, in that dick-u-mentry. And If the Big Cat is reading, whisper it in his ear when you lay his ass out.

I could go on, at length here, but the Jets should by all manner of observation, win this game. Period. Better QB. Better scoring offense. Better rushing team. Those are all facts.

I want to know what you think,

C’mon enter the Tigers den.



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Long Suffering Jets Fan, is there really anymore that needs to be said? Jetted from the East Coast to Columbus, but I still bleed green, and it's time for brutal honesty, Enter the Tigers Den. NYJets

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