Freddie Kitchens the New Leader of the Cleveland Browns

The Browns have a new leader in their team, Cleveland hired interim offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens as head coach today. The team had been doing extensive interviews with different candidates, however, they agreed upon Kitchens.

Since Kitchens took over the offensive play calling the Browns looked entirely different, helping rookies Mayfield and Chubb shine. Freddie had an instant connection Baker and seemingly revealed his incredible potential. The Browns were a conservative team, trying to scrape wins and grind them out. That all changed when kitchens took over, the Browns became a deadly big-play team with an established run game.

The relationship Mayfield and Kitchens developed clearly had a role in the appointment, the young quarterback keeps his successful caller. This hiring shows a faith in the direction Mayfield was trending on, it gives Baker time to develop the relationship. The successful quarterback and coach relationships help offenses flourish, which the Browns organization will be hoping for.

The pre-Kitchens Browns offense saw Baker, 130 of 223 a completion rate of 56.5%. Paired with that Baker had 8 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. Now since the Kitchens take over, Baker was 180 of 263 which is a completion rate of 68.4%. He also obtained an additional 19 touchdowns to 8 interceptions. Before Kitchens, Baker never had a chance at the rookie record for touchdowns, but the change of scheme helped Baker obtain it.

Freddie Kitchens is a smart hire for the Browns, he is familiar with the team, players, and culture of the program. He also has a strong relationship with the young quarterback and the offense as a whole. Rumors were that Kitchens was going to be interviewing with other teams if he was not selected for the role. The faith shown in Freddie Kitchens is exemplary, showing their faith in a coach who helped them back on the right path.

Sam Thornton

Sam Thornton

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