Dez Bryant

Should Dez stay in the Lonestar State?

Does Dez make a good fit in Houston? An interesting question to say the least.

Of course,  Texans’ fans from all over can instantly daydream of seeing Dez throw up his X after a touchdown pass from Deshaun, but how realistic is that?

Let’s look at the roster first. Is there a need for another wideout? The answer is yes. Houston has consistently been inconsistent since Hopkins was drafted at the other starting receiver spots. Will Fuller is the latest number two wideout who has shown great flashes, but the key with him is health. Braxton Miller isn’t a true wideout, but more of an athletic specialty who tries to run routes. He belongs to the same group as a Tavon Austin. Having a big target for Deshaun with a Hopkins and Fuller also on the field could create problems for defenses especially in the red zone.

There’s clearly a need for a big receiver in Houston but can Dez deliver? I would lean towards answering yes. Now obviously I’ve seen the inevitable decline of number 88 over the last two seasons. Some call it age, some call it the loss of Tony Romo and I tend to think it’s a mixture of both. However, in Houston Dez wouldn’t be a number one receiver which means he wouldn’t be expected to make number one receiver plays. Hopkins demands double teams which would free up a combination of Fuller and Dez. If the Texans were to sign Bryant they wouldn’t ask him for 8 catches and 100+ yards a game but rather half of that consistently. Dez Bryant being covered by teams’ second and third best corners in single coverage can provide for higher percentage plays for Bryant.

Let’s look at the naysayers who will point to the fact that Dez is slow now. But he was never a rocket upon entering the league. They say Dez can’t run routes. He’s never run a route tree in the NFL and still been productive. It all comes down to the money. The Texans will not take a 16.5 million cap hit for a regressing Dez, which is a sentiment most NFL teams share. If Houston could acquire a now HIGHLY motivated Dez for half of that I would absolutely pull the trigger.

The window on JJ Watt being a dominant force on the field won’t last forever. The Texans should make the most of this time by making smart acquisitions and picking up Dez this offseason for a reasonable price could pay huge dividends for this new look Deshaun offense.

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