Texans Post Game – A Giant Loss for Houston

Ahhh the battle of the two 0-2 teams that nobody thought should start the season this way. A matchup of atrocious offensive lines and dangerous weapons at receiver on both sides of the field. I picked the Texans to win this game and looking back on the now 0-3 team maybe I should stop picking them every week.

The Giants defeated the Houston Texans 27-22 on Sunday behind a turnover-free game from Eli Manning in which he completed 25 of his 29 pass attempts. On the other¬†sideline, Deshaun Watson threw for 385 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Your quarterback throws for nearly 400 yards at home you SHOULD win, but Houston didn’t. Why? I’m glad you asked.

Stacking of the box. Ever heard of that term? If not, basically it refers to what the Giants did to the Texans all Sunday. It was clear that the Giants were determined to stop any running backs out of the backfield so they kept as many bodies near the line of scrimmage as possible. Starting running back Lamar Miller ran for 10 yards with supporting RB Alfred Blue only adding 13 yards. This effect led to Watson throwing the ball 40 times, which is absurd.

Defensively, the Texans did the opposite of the Giants stopping nothing from the rush attack. Both Giants’ running backs averaged over 4 yards a carry and Eli only threw 4 incomplete passes the entire game. The final score isn’t an actual representation of the game because at halftime the Giants led 20-6.

You can cue the Bill O’ Brien hot seat talks now. Nobody saw this coming. Deshaun is making plays with his feet and throwing for more yards every week but is also turning the ball over every week too. The defense can’t stop the run consistently and the secondary was already a glaring issue before the season.

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I’m not sure what head coach O’Brien can change or do to inspire his team next week before they play the Colts and Andrew Luck. But if Houston manages to start 0-4, its hard to imagine everyone keeps their job in Houston.

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