Dead Broncos Angrily Flogged by Angry Dolphins

Miami | There is a common idiom that describes the 2017 Denver Broncos’ season. More importantly, it advertises to their opponents during their embarrassing 8-game losing streak: “don’t flog a dead horse.” Well, the Miami Dolphins reject that cliché if what transpired on Sunday is any indication.

Miami is usually a place people go to relax, or party. Miami was neither of those things for Denver on Sunday.

Lenny Bruce once said, “Miami is where neon lights go to die.” Apparently, Miami is also where fatally wounded broncos go to have the plug pulled by angry Dolphins – I’m looking at you, Ndamukong Suh.

Suh led the Dolphins on quarterback hits on Sunday, and, frankly, he has a history of being angry, or something like that.

Anyways, the Broncos were treated like a lone shark being attacked by Dolphins. The Denver offense was effectively karate chopped by Miami. But who hasn’t karate chopped the Denver offense in 2017? Dallas is the only team that comes to mind.

The Broncos reached a new, devastating low in Miami, which is kind of impressive in a season of lows for Denver. Earlier on the Broncos were shut out for the first time in, like, ever.

Miami stampeded Denver 35-9 in a game that was kicked off by none other than a Denver safety. 35-9 is a good ole fashioned butt-whooping, plain and simple. However, the defense played well.

The Broncos once-vaunted defense forced 3 turnovers, returning one interception for a touchdown. Unfortunately, Denver’s offense was downright pitiful. Trevor Siemian threw three interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 30.5, which sums up the Broncos season.

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Bronco quarterbacks have totaled just 14 touchdowns compared to 18 interceptions on the season, but it’s not all their fault.

The best way I can explain Denver is this:

Anyways, Denver was embarrassed, again, on Sunday as the Dolphins became the latest opponent to thrash the Broncos. The loss guaranteed their first losing season since 2010, which predates the Tebow and Manning eras.

John Gillon

John Gillon

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