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NFL Week 14 Picks

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there might be a fight for the Browns head coaching job next year.

Yeah, I said that. People are going to fight over the Dog Pound.

With Mike McCarthy officially on the market, the list is growing for potential candidates for Cleveland. McCarthy could be interested in a young team with a talented quarterback. Bruce Arians has suggested he would come out of retirement for the Browns. Josh McDaniels is being rumored to be interested in head coaching positions, and where better than a young team with a moldable quarterback. John DePhillipo had success with Carson Wentz, so why not try him out with Baker? Jack Del Rio had success in Oakland before being bounced for the sad excuse of a coach that is John Gruden. Even college coaches are going to be in on the action. I wouldn’t put it past the Browns to consider Lincoln Riley, Baker’s coach at Oklahoma.

Those are a lot of strong options. Naturally, the Browns won’t pick any of those candidates because they have one of the worst owners in all of professional sports.

Seriously, it was floated that they wanted Condoleezza Rice to take the job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to a female head coach. But what on God’s green earth qualifies her to be the next head coach of an NFL team? At that point, I might as well throw my resume in with a crisp hundred tucked in somewhere.

(Home team in bold. Wednesday lines)

Tennessee (-4.5) over Jacksonville

Yes, the Titans did just struggle against the Jets. Yes, the Jaguars did just beat the Colts.

However, I am outright refusing to pick a team that starts Cody Kessler and cannot produce more than 229 yards of offense.

– Baltimore (+6.5) over Kansas City

The Cowboys weren’t supposed to beat the Saints last week, yet somehow managed the upset. I think that’s the Ravens this week. The Chiefs offense is fantastic, but Baltimore is stingy and could cause them problems. The Ravens are also a team that is never afraid to travel to hostile environments.

– Indianapolis (+5) over Houston

The Colts played terribly last week, but they’ve still won five of their last six. They almost beat the Texans earlier in the year, and they have much more to play for than a Houston team that has basically already locked up its division.

I’m also just a cynic because my Saints winning streak ended I want everyone else’s winning streaks to end too.

– Cleveland (+2) over Carolina

Okay okay fine. Picking the Browns over the Texans wasn’t the best idea.

But the Panthers aren’t the Texans, and I have already made it very clear that I am refusing to ride with Carolina any more this season. Let’s make it five losses in a row for the Panthers.

– Atlanta (+5) over Green Bay

Before the season began, this looked like a premier matchup with playoff implications. Now it’s just gross and pretty much unwatchable.

– New Orleans (-8) over Tampa Bay

Jameis Winston probably hoped this game was in New Orleans instead. I’ve heard they have great crab legs down there.

Miami (+7.5) over New England

The Patriots aren’t going to lose this game, especially after the win they just had against Minnesota. But the Dolphins aren’t a complete trash heap right now, and they always give the Pats a good challenge in South Beach.

– New York (G) (-3.5) over Washington

Three weeks ago this would have been an absolute blowout of the G-Men. Two broken legs later and it’s now looking like a blowout of the Skins. I hope Bruce Allen likes the karma from signing Reuben Foster*.

*It’s definitely karma, but I wish that karma didn’t have to break Alex Smith and Colt McCoy’s legs.

– Denver (-4) over San Fransisco

The 49ers just got decimated by the Seahawks. The Broncos rolled over Cincinnati. This shouldn’t be much of a competition.

Los Angeles (C) (-14) over Cincinnati

This is an absurdly large line. I actually hate a line this huge. However, Cincy has lost six of their last seven, don’t have Andy Dalton or AJ Green, and are still coached by Marvin Lewis. The Chargers could do it, thanks to their rousing home crowd of 17 fans.

– Detroit (-2.5) over Arizona

Hey, the Lions did actually look competitive with the Rams for a second last week. Maybe Matty P is starting to figure it out?

– Philadelphia (+3.5) over Dallas

Dallas did just beat the Saints, but the Eagles need this win more than the Cowboys do. They’ve been up and down this year, but it’s hard to imagine that a team that knocked off the Patriots in the Super Bowl would head into the next year and not even make the playoffs.

– Pittsburgh (-10.5) over Oakland

The Raiders did make it close against the Chiefs, but the Steelers defense an actually make a stop here and there. Plus, they are too good of a team to lose three in a row, especially a team with that coach.

Chicago (+3) over Los Angeles (R)

If these teams face each other again in the playoffs, I think the Rams win easily. Their defense is too talented, and Sean McVay will be able to figure out new schemes with his offense. But on Sunday, in a bitterly cold Chicago, against a team and a fan base that is dialed in for a win, and coming a week after the Rams clinched their division, the Bears should be able to come away with their biggest win of the season.

Seattle (-3) over Minnesota

Seattle is very hot. Minnesota is very cold. I hate to say it, but it looks like my Super Bowl pick Vikings aren’t even going to make the playoffs. The Seahawks are playing too well right now to lose at home to a team that barely put up 10 points last week.

(Last week: 7-9; season: 23-40)

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