Cole Beasley

Cowboys Allow Cole Beasley To Leave In Free Agency

Free agency is heating up for the Dallas Cowboys, but for the wrong reasons. The first significant transaction regarding the Cowboys since legal tampering opened was the team lost Cole Beasley to the Bills.

Beasley signed a 4-year, $29 million deal with the Bills, in with $17 million to be paid out in the first two seasons. It was a deal the Cowboys were not close to matching, effectively allowing Beasley to leave for greener pastures.

The Cowboys will miss the pint-sized slot receiver, who was always open. Beasley tied for the team lead in first down receptions in 2018 with 39 and was a reliable option for Dak Prescott. The offense will now have to find someone to replace the 57 receptions Beasley averaged during his last four seasons.

It’s a difficult loss for the Cowboys to digest. They need to be getting better and more efficient in their passing game, which will now be a tougher task without Beasley.

Also, if the Cowboys aren’t signing free agents because they take care of their own, why didn’t they keep Beasley?

There is now a hole in the passing offense, but the Cowboys have options to replace Beasley. Allen Hurns was brought back into the fold, Tavon Austin remains an option and the Cowboys could still draft or sign a free agent to help. Finally, last year’s sixth-round pick, Cedric Wilson, is returning from injury so the cupboard isn’t bare.

Beasley seemed like a longshot to return after the Cowboys weren’t able to secure an extension last off-season. Now the reality is the team will have to find a new receiver to produce some first downs on those key third down attempts.

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