Tyreek Hill Should Never Play An NFL Game Again

I shouldn’t have to type any of this out. It should be pretty obvious. If you physically abuse a woman or a child, you shouldn’t get the privilege to play in the National Football League and earn millions, or even tens of millions of dollars. There are consequences in the real world, so there should be consequences for professional athletes.

It should be that simple, but we all know it’s not. This is the NFL we’re talking about. The same NFL who did not suspend Ray Rice until his abuse video (that they had already seen) became public.

The same NFL who welcomed Greg Hardy back to the league with open arms after he “allegedly” abused his girlfriend.

The same NFL who knowingly allowed Josh Brown to physically and emotionally abuse his wife for years and did absolutely nothing until they absolutely had to in order to save face.

(And all of this while suspending players for months, and even years for smoking weed. The league’s priorities seem together)

I could go one, but we all get the point. The league and the owners simply do not care about the actions that their players take unless it causes a big enough PR storm that they begin to lose money.

That needs to end. The NFL needs to find a moral compass somewhere, and stop tolerating horrific human beings enjoying the blessing that it is to be able to play the game of football at a professional level.

Tyreek Hill is one of these individuals who need to be dropped by the NFL immediately and permanently. As we all know, he and his fiancé recently came under investigation after their son broke his arm. There was serious suspicion of abuse by Hill, although the Johnson County DA announced that he would not press charges against Hill. According to DA Stephen Howe, he believed a crime was committed but was unable to gather enough evidence to prove who committed the crime.

Because of that, I legally can’t say that Hill abused his son. But if we are being honest, we all know what happened. And if the action itself wasn’t enough, an audiotape released last week further confirms how much of a sick and twisted human being Hill really is.

In the recording obtained by KCTV5, Hill is talking to his fiancé Crystal Espinal about the incident. At no point in the audio does the Kansas City receiver ever admit to breaking his son’s arm; in fact, he does explicitly deny it. However, he does say things that are equally as frightening. At one point Espinal criticizes his disciplinary practices, claiming that their son has said that Hill has hit him with a belt in the past. Hill’s response of “well what about you” seems to say a lot about the truth of those allegations.

In addition, Espinal also says that “he is terrified of you,” referring to Hill’s son. In a horrifically chilling response, Hill says “you should be terrified of me too b—-.”

Those are the words that Hill used towards his significant other, and the mother of his child.

Stop and reread that.

A man who is supposed to be a role model for children as a professional football player is blatantly and disgustingly threatening his fiancé.

Now, I’m never one to say that we all get one chance in life. Mistakes can be made, and there are times where people deserve a second chance. Personally, I wouldn’t hand one out to someone who blatantly abuses a child, but maybe that’s just me.

However, this already WAS Hill’s second chance. After an incident in 2014, Hill pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation. According to the report, Hill threw Espinal around, punched her in the face, sat on her and repeatedly punched her in the stomach, and chocked her. He was kicked off the Oklahoma State football team and was sentenced to three years probation.

That issue right there should have been enough for Hill to never even come close to finding himself on an NFL roster. However, the league’s memory is embarrassingly short, and Hill was drafted by the Chiefs just a few years later.

Now it is clear that Hill’s incident in college was not just a one-time situation (and a one-time situation that should not have been forgiven). His words clearly indicate that this is a sick individual who is a danger to the people around him, including children.

Again, legally Hill has done nothing wrong in the case of his son’s recent broken arm. That’s simply a fact. However, the investigation has been reopened, and we may soon know more.

Either way, it shouldn’t matter what the DA decides. In today’s day and age, the court of public opinion has a tendency to decide things too quickly without hearing all of the facts. That’s not what is happening here. Maybe Hill did nothing wrong in this particular incident. But do his words make us believe that he has been a caring and loving father and spouse? Not even close.

The Chiefs have suspended Hill indefinitely. If we are being honest, that is a pathetically limited response. They’ve read the police reports and heard about the situation. They have heard the audio and had time to digest what it means. The best that Chiefs owner Clark Hunt could come up with is that he was “deeply disturbed.”

Oh, were you Clark? Then why is Hill still on your roster at all? Why did you not immediately sever ties with a player who potentially committed an unbelievably heinous action? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like if I was “deeply disturbed” by something, I would do everything I could to get as far away from that situation as possible.

But Hunt won’t. Not until public opinion forces him too. Because the owners don’t care about human beings. The league doesn’t care about human beings. They all care about the 1000+ receiving yards and tens of millions of dollars that Hill brings to the league every year.

So maybe it’s up to us. Maybe we, as football fans, need to put our feet down and say enough is enough. We need to not allow the league we love to have the moral capacity of a slot machine.

This isn’t about a White House visit or an anthem protest. This is about the owners, the league, and even us, tolerating the abuse of a child. This isn’t political. There shouldn’t be a debate. There should be no place in the NFL for that type of behavior to be accepted, which is why there should be no place for Hill.

On the field, Hill is one of the best, there’s no denying that. Off the field, he’s entirely the opposite. Maybe I’m naive, but are we not better than sacrificing our morals for a couple of touchdowns?

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