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Cowboys Need to Feed Zeke

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Panthers 16-8 last Sunday as the offense couldn’t get much going. To put points on the board Dallas was expected to lean on the run and give Ezekiel Elliott a ton of carries, but that didn’t happen. With a week one L on the books, here’s a take on feeding Zeke.

Quarterback Dak Prescott didn’t look sharp and the Cowboys are playing without two stalwarts in the passing game in Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. He’s throwing to a lot of new faces and week one showed the quarterback and receivers aren’t clicking just yet.

Nothing is going to help Dak out more than a running game. Converting on third and short would be more “Dak friendly” than anything the Cowboys can scheme up. Third and long conversions are looking like a tall task with the way the passing game looked on Sunday.

Elliott had 69 yards on only 15 rushing attempts. That’s a healthy 4.6 yards-per-carry, and in a game, they were never out of, Zeke should have gotten the ball more.

The Cowboys ran a lot of plays out of the shotgun and an empty backfield without even giving the look of a possible run. In situations where the defense knows a pass is coming, this Cowboys offense will be in trouble. Just the threat of Elliott in the backfield opens up passing lanes and can freeze the linebackers.

After leading the league in rushing yards per game last season, big things are expected from Ezekiel Elliott in a year where the ‘Boys are expected to lean on the running game. The Cowboys have to get him more than 15 carries in week two against the Giants for this offense to put up points.

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Elliott has led the league in rushing and should be the focal point of this offense. He’s one of the best running backs and players in the league, period. Zeke is a beast and he needs to be fed.

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