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It’s a Tuesday during the NFL season, and you know what that means for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, we get to listen to Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones talk about his team with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. You never know what will come out of Jerry’s mouth when he gets behind a microphone and we capture some of the fun for you.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s with Jerry after a win over the Detroit Lions in week four:

On Dak Prescott’s performance: “I liked the way he was zoned in and how he was throwing the ball … The play I’ll remember was when he fumbled, went back and calmly picked it up and had the presence of mind to know how important that play is. The preparation, his ability to work and get ready, all of it we’re going to benefit. I just love him as a quarterback.”

Jerry speak: Dak picked up that ball the way I pick up my Johnny Blue, calm and composed. His preparation is key, just like my preparation of keeping the scotch ready to flow.

Reality: It sure sounds like Jones is trying to sell us on Prescott. We know he loves Dak and a big contract seems like a foregone conclusion, which appears how Jerry is setting us up when it happens.

On Ezekiel Elliott’s workload: “I do want that type of workload for him. He’s physical, you take more when you contest Zeke than what you give out … that takes its toll on the defense. It inspires his teammates. We’ve got us an outstanding player that plays football by its definition, then he’s got the finesse and the speed to make the plays and is instinctive.”

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Jerry speak: I like explaining the definition of a football player, it makes me feel smarter than you. It’s a physical game, did you know that?

Reality: Elliott’s energy is contagious and his teammates do feed off of it. Jerry’s desperate to win now, so we’ll keep giving him the ball, no matter how many times we have to.

On Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith: “We still missed Sean Lee, not as much as in years past.” Jaylon Smith has a “reservoir of talent” and Vander Esch played a “great game.” Jones went on to mention that all three linebackers bring their “own degree of intimidation” against quarterbacks.

Jerry speak: I like having a rotation of three strong linebackers, just like I like having a strong rotation of lawyers at the ready to sue the league! Each one of them brings different tactics to get my outcome!

Reality: This is exactly why Vander Esch was a good pick for the Cowboys, he was a good player, who brought real value to the team. Vander Esch was outstanding against the Lions and if he continues to play this well, he’ll have justified his selection in the first round of the draft.

On Byron Jones’ play: Jones mentioned that Jones has a phenomenal skill set and that “no one is smarter than Jones” and the “thing that has opened up for him, he’s got some outstanding coaching.” Byron Jones appears to be “putting it all together” under Kris Richard. Jerry says that Richard is “good at making players aware of their ambition inside of them.”

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Jerry Speak: I liken myself to Byron Jones, no one is smarter than me. With a last name like Jones, you had to know he was smart!

Reality: Jones is having an outstanding season and the Lions didn’t bother to throw directly at him. Finally, at his best position, Jones is excelling, especially under Kris Richard’s teaching.

On David Irving’s return: “He’s worked hard physically, we know what he’s capable of doing on the field.” He should make us “more productive on defense.”

Jerry speak: We’re all capable of doing productive things, physically.

Reality: Irving is a physical freak and he makes the Dallas defense better when he’s on his game. We’ll see where Irving is mentally, that’s where he needs to be his best.

On rivalry with the Texans: “Houston’s one of my favorite places, no one stood or worked harder to return the Texans to Houston.” Jerry then explained how he owned the rights to the name “Texans” but gave it owner Bob McNair because he is one of Jerry’s favorite people in the NFL.

Jerry speak: I gave away the naming rights to the Texans, but they now owe me and I can’t wait to cash in!

Reality: Jerry and McNair have a lot of values in line with one another, so it’s no surprise they like each other. Jones likes Houston so much because there are a lot of people down there who love the Cowboys and he makes a lot of money off them!

On Brett Maher’s game-winning kick: “Stephen (Jones) told me it’s off to South America for the two of them if Maher misses the game-winning kick.”

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Jerry speak: Stephen knew I wasn’t happy letting Dan Bailey go and if Maher misses that kick, Stephen would’ve packed his bags, I would’ve been fine staying and blaming him.

Reality: It was Stephen’s call to release Bailey, he better be right about keeping Maher.

On Tony Romo playing somewhere else: “He was never going to play anywhere else. I’ll leave it at that.”

Jerry speak: I gave Tony enough incentive to never play for another team.

Reality: This is likely 100% true.

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