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When 1+1 = 0 it’s NFL Math

On one hand, you have an NFL club that is currently ranked 29th in passing offense (passing yards per game). On the other hand, you have a 30-year-old former All-Pro WR with over 73 touchdowns and 7459 yards receiving on his resume who is currently looking for work after turning down offers from at least two other NFL teams (Browns and Ravens) and is now publically stating his desire to hook up with his former team.

However, the pundits and fans who are clamoring for these two dance partners to give it another whirl are forgetting what matters most in the NFL. “What have you done for me lately” is the NFL mantra and in 2017 Dez was not good. His numbers dropped across the board but he still commanded/demanded a surreal number of targets to keep him happy. And he was expensive.

The chemistry between the WR and his QB never materialized as Bryan’s inability to run precise routes resulted in a staggering inefficiency. Rafael Vela wrote a series on the subject as he and KC Joiner discussed the effect Bryant had (negative) on the Cowboys passing game.

To cut to the chase, Bryant lost the ability to separate from defenders. He never seemed to recover from a toe injury to the point where he could get away from defenders down the field. He could still use his body on slants and is still a physical force against DB’s after he gets the ball in his hands. But his ability to make plays down the field on a consistent basis is gone.

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On the team side, the Cowboys are full-in with their new WR corps makeup and as Jerry made it clear this Friday when he was on 105.3 radio The Fan the club is not interested.

“I’m just trying to say we feel good about Dez and wish him the very best,  and trust me, if it were in our best interests, his and ours and the team’s, then he would be on the field for the Cowboys.” – Jerry Jones

It’s not old math or new math. It’s NFL math and these two are not hooking up in the near or far future. Bryant still has talent and in the right system with the right QB throwing him the rock he can still be productive. What we know is that QB isn’t Dak Prescott and the team isn’t the Dallas Cowboys.

What say you Sports Nation?

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