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Winning This Week Could Cure What Ails Cowboys

This is where we’re at with the Dallas Cowboys, the blame game has arrived. Now it’s the players and coaches who are talking through the media to tell us what the problem is with the Cowboys.

Just like it was a few weeks ago, there is enough blame to go around. We shouldn’t be trying to pin in on one person, the organization is a mess. From management on down, there has been a systematic failure for the Cowboys.

However, as always, things can change quickly. Beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and all will be well again. It’s a tough task, but not impossible. The Jags come in struggling, losing two of their last three and Blake Bortles isn’t a great quarterback.

The issue will be scoring points; how will the Cowboys score enough to beat the Jaguars? Jacksonville ranks third in the NFL points allowed, giving up 17.2 points per game. The pass defense for the Jags is stout, they are the best in the league by more than 18 yards a game, allowing 191 yards per contest.

Dallas’ biggest problem on offense is throwing the ball, so it’s difficult to see how they’ll throw it effectively against the Jaguars. The Cowboys will have to run it well enough to try an open up the passing game or to get explosive plays running the ball with Ezekiel Elliott.

Either way, it’s going to be tough sledding against the Jaguars. The only way to win is to limit Jacksonville’s offense and create turnovers.

A win would be huge for the psyche of the Cowboys. This season, it won’t matter how the team wins, as long as they do.

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The season isn’t on the line for the Cowboys this Sunday, as corny as it sounds, and as Jason Garrett-y as it sounds, it’s one game at a time. It doesn’t look like anyone is running away with the division, so as bad as the Cowboys are playing right now, a win could put them in first place in the division (depending on other results this week). This season could be reminiscent of 2015 when no one seemed to want to win the NFC East. In the end, a 9-7 Washington Redskins team won the division.

As bad as feels for the Cowboys and their fans right now, a win over the Jags could put them in position to stake their claim as the best team in the NFC East. It’s going to be one game at a time, one week at a time for the Cowboys this year. It probably won’t be pretty, but Dallas just needs to win this weekend.

We’ll worry about next week, next week. That’s how we all need to approach the rest of this season.

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