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The Biggest Hoodwink in Cowboys’ History

Hopefully, someone has notified the Dallas Police Department about the robbery that occurred in Arlington in the early hours of Monday morning.

The “trade” or “hoodwink” which took place between the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders is an absolute injustice. A desperate Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has thrown a 2019 first round pick out the window for wide receiver Amari Cooper, who couldn’t catch a cold from Derek Carr this season.

The fire-sale is in full swing in Oakland and has just claimed its first scalp.

Cooper, who is currently in concussion protocol will report to Arlington this week, where the Cowboys will look to play him after the bye.

Here are why the numbers don’t stack up.

You don’t waste a first round pick on anyone. No one. Especially a guy who has been worse year to year since joining the NFL from Alabama in 2015.

Cooper had close to 1100 yards each in his first two seasons with Oakland but struggled in 2017 with just under 700 yards and seven touchdowns.

Sure, the Cowboys have probably done their due diligence and realized there isn’t a lot of wideout talent in the upcoming draft, but we are only halfway through the college season. And we are not even close to free agency. No one said they needed to use a first round pick on a wide receiver in the draft. There are plenty of other areas the Cowboys need help in.

Great wide receivers have come out of day three of the draft many times.

Yes, the Cowboys receiving corps is struggling this season, but they have traded for a guy who has 22 receptions for 280 yards and one touchdown through six games. You know who has better numbers than that? The Cowboys current wide receiver Cole Beasley with 33 catches for 350 yards and two touchdowns.

Would any team in the league trade a first round pick for Beasley? Of course, they wouldn’t. So why did Dallas?

To make matters worse, this is not the first time the Cowboys have traded away a first round pick on a rubbish player.

In 2000, they signed Joey Galloway from Seattle which turned out to be a complete waste of money. Then in 2008, they wasted a first, third and sixth round picks on the most epic of failures in Roy Williams.

If you don’t learn from your past mistakes, how will you grow as a franchise?

Jon Gruden must be sitting back in his chair, rubbing his hands together at the thought of him fleecing the Cowboys.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, maybe they shouldn’t have released Dez Bryant.

Prove me wrong Amari, please.



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