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Cowboys Go Back To The Future This Week

It has been an interesting few weeks for the Dallas Cowboys since they last played football. The team made headlines by trading for Amari Cooper last week, altering how the Cowboys look on offense.

This week, the organization made waves by going back into their storied history. The first move was to cancel the services of offensive line coach Paul Alexander. Bringing in Alexander to coach this group was heavily scrutinized when Dallas made the choice and those skeptical voices turned out to be right. Alexander has almost 30 years of coaching experience, but his teaching and techniques never meshed with the type of offensive line the Cowboys employ. Considered to be Dallas’ biggest strength, the offensive line had regressed under Alexander and the team made the right decision to move on.

Naming Marc Colombo the new line coach was also the right call since he is familiar with the players and the system that was in place before Alexander arrived. Colombo’s work with the current group of offensive linemen in the last few years, save Connor Williams, will help ease the transition back to a dominant group up front.

To help out a first-time position coach, the Cowboys went back to the future, hiring longtime offensive coach Hudson Houck as a special assistant to Colombo. Houck molded some of the greatest offensive lines in team history, from 1993-2001, winning two Super Bowls. He was also the position coach for the Cowboys when they drafted Tyron Smith in 2011. The Cowboys need to get back on track with their offensive line and Houck could be a big help.

The other piece of big news this week came down today after master salesman Jerry Jones teased us yesterday there would be an announcement happening today. That turned out to be the Cowboys’ decision to put longtime personnel man Gil Brandt in the Ring of Honor on November 29th at halftime of the game against the Saints.

There are few people around the Cowboys who deserve the honor more than Brandt. He was one of the best personnel men in the game with an eye for talent during his 29 years with the team. Brandt was instrumental in acquiring the talent in the 1970’s that helped shape Tom Landry’s Super Bowl winning teams during the glory days. Dallas was also one of the first teams to use computers as a way to break down information under Brandt’s direction.

Brandt will become the 22nd member in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor and according to most inside the organization, it’s long overdue.

Leave it to Jones to make sure the slow weeks of the season for the Cowboys are anything but boring. The Cowboys stayed in the NFL news by reaching back to their good old days.

Let’s hope the results match what the Cowboys did in the seventies and nineties.

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