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It’s a Tuesday during the NFL season, and you know what that means for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, we get to listen to Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones talks about his team with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. You never know what will come out of Jerry’s mouth when he gets behind a microphone and we capture some of the fun for you.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s with Jerry after a big win in Atlanta:

On how he feels: “Don’t have to stretch your imagination to know my excitement…exciting time, couldn’t come at a better time for the arrow to be pointing up.”

Jerry speak: The holidays are a great time for things to be pointing up.

Reality: Winning now and having a real shot at the playoffs makes Jerry a happy guy.

What’s been different in the past two weeks: “These are good teams we’re competing against and on the road. We’ve played some good teams and come out on the wrong end. We’re improving while being one of the youngest teams in the league and still getting better. Dak (Prescott) is getting better, the defense is getting better.”

Jerry speak: If we don’t win, remember, these are good teams and we’re not as good yet. If we lose, blame it on the fact that we’re a young team.

Reality: Jerry stumbled onto to something, the Cowboys are one of the youngest teams in the league, it’s taken them some time to learn how to win. They are getting better as the season has gone on.

On if they can take control of NFC East with a win over Washington: “No, I think if we won out we should. They’ve got an incentive to beat us (even if they’re out of contention). It’s series by series quarter by quarter and these games will all be close.”

Jerry speak: Teams don’t like the Cowboys so we’re going to get the best they’ve got, I’ve ticked off enough owners to know they all want to beat me badly.

Reality: It’s far from over even if Dallas beats the Redskins on Thanksgiving and he’s starting to sound an awful lot like Jason Garrett taking things one day at a time.

On the Chiefs/Rams game: “I don’t ever see us airing it out like that, we played plenty of those shootouts with (Tony) Romo. I believe we can compete with those teams, but if you say you have to score 54 points, no, I don’t think we can compete.” Jones also said they would play a ball control when they’re playing their best.

Jerry speak: I loved those shootouts with Tony Romo, they sure were fun, but we lost too many of them so I’m happy to compete and win games playing ball control offense.

Reality: The only chance the Cowboys would have would be if they played keep away by running the ball and slowing down the game. Let’s hope they get far enough in the playoffs to find out.

On the linebackers when Sean Lee returns: “What a problem to have. We’ll rotate guys to get the best out of their strengths and endurance. Lee is a key guy on the team and defense. We’ll play them all, there’s plenty of snaps to go around.”

Jerry speak: I love Sean Lee and don’t want to disrespect the man, we’ll keep playing them all because they’re all good.

Reality: Rotating guys to keep them fresh and getting the best out of them seems like a smart plan.

Is there a conspiracy because there haven’ been any holding calls against his defense: “Of course we assess every penalty, believe things come in batches and we’d rather be sitting here at 5-5 waiting for things to come our way…There’s a lot of people who are involved, someone would talk if anything were going on.”

Jerry speak: I’m not going to say anything bad about the officials because of look at what’s happened when I’ve gone against the league.

Reality: It’s amazing how no one ever holds the Cowboys’ defense on pass plays. It’s the second year in a row with this crap and it smells awfully fishy.

Is he worried about Brett Maher? “That all went away when that ball went through the goal posts. That’s all I want to say about it, I’m serious because I don’t want to create any doubt or anything like that.”

Jerry speak: I can’t cut a kicker when we have another game in four days, it doesn’t give us enough time to find one so I’ll give him some confidence with my words and hope it’s enough to help.

Reality: Jerry doesn’t want to speak too much about it because if things aren’t better after the Redskins game, he might be trying out kickers.

On if he would sell the Cowboys and what is the price? It’s not for sale, it won’t be for sale, the family (Stephen, Charlotte, Jerry Jr.) will have it long after I’m gone. No amount of money would get the Cowboys.” Jones also had an interesting story about how some owners asked him to sell the Cowboys years ago and buy a team for LA and build it up. However, Jones said there’s “no place is like our area (Texas) for football and sports.”

Jerry speak: If you are waiting for me to go away (any kind of away) so the Cowboys can be sold to someone whose last name isn’t Jones, you’ll be waiting for a long time.

Reality: The Joneses will own the Cowboys and haters will be suffering for a long time because they will own the team for a very, very, very long time.

*Please note, not all quotes are exact, but the words come straight from Jerry Jones

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