Finishing Off Eagles Won’t Be Easy For Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have gone streaking (without their green hat – Bonus points if you know that reference) and they now have an opportunity to put away the NFC East with a win on Sunday. Beat the Eagles and the Cowboys would hold a three-game lead (because of the tiebreaker) over Philadelphia and at least a two-game lead over the Redskins, who are now on quarterback number three.

Lose, and the fight will be on for the division. It’s safe to say the NFC East could be won by the Cowboys this weekend.

There’s a heck of a lot of incentive to win this game and to not take the Eagles lightly after beating them on the road last time around. Upsetting the Saints was the best win of the season, but beating the rival Eagles a second time around would be the most important win of the year. The easiest path to the playoffs is always to win your division and that goal becomes increasingly more attainable by winning on Sunday.

It won’t be easy. The Cowboys were fighting for their season the last time these two teams played, the roles are now reversed. This go-around it’s Philadelphia playing (basically) for their season and it might not seem like much, but back-to-back wins over the Giants and Redskins have given the Eagles some momentum heading into this matchup. Teams are usually the most dangerous when they are playing desperate and that’s what the Eagles will be on Sunday.

Philadelphia is also starting to find their running game. The Jay Ajayi injury left the Eagles without a workhorse running back, but in the last few weeks, Josh Adams has become the main guy in the backfield. Adams has had at least 80 yards or a touchdown in three straight games, helping the run game compliment the vaunted passing attack with Carson Wentz.

The Eagles also got their jack of all trades, Darren Sproles, back last week. Sproles wasted no time getting into the swing of things by scoring a touchdown and being a pain in the butt to tackle. He wasn’t a part of the matchup the last time these two teams squared off a few weeks ago, but Sproles is another player for the Cowboys to worry about on defense.

If Dallas’ defense shows up again as they have in the past few weeks, they shouldn’t have a problem beating the Eagles. However, it’s tough to continue to play at a high level against a team they see twice a year and for the second time in four weeks.

Neither team is the same since they played in Philadelphia; the Cowboys are playing better than they were then and have built up some confidence. The Eagles have won two in a row and can breathe new life into their season with a win.

First place is at stake when the Eagles come to town this weekend. Despite how good the Cowboys have played in the last four weeks, the only thing that matters now is beating the Eagles and grabbing a stranglehold of the NFC East.

We’ll see just how good these Dallas Cowboys are on Sunday.

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