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My Hatred For Seattle Runs Deep

I was raised by parents who taught me right from wrong. They taught me to be a good person and to go after what I believe in. My mom always said “hate” was such a harsh word. “You should never say you hate anyone”. Well, I’m sorry Mom, but I HATE the Seattle Seahawks.

This hatred is deep inside me and its coming to the surface as the Cowboys approach the wildcard round this weekend.

Let me take you back a little.

I have a good mate, to protect the names of the innocent, let’s call him Jono. Jono is a typical one-eyed Seahawks fan, who thinks Russell Wilson farts rainbow sherbet, Pete Carroll is the greatest coach in any sport, ever and the “Legion of Boom” should have their own section in Canton, Ohio.

Back in 2017, Jono took it upon himself to send me a picture of Russell Wilson every day for a year. That’s right, every day I would wake up to a pic of Rusty on my phone. 365 glorious pics across a solid year.

Little by little, the hate was building inside of me.

Way back in week three this season the Seahawks produced a solid win at home to defeat the Cowboys 24-13. You all know I haven’t heard the end of it. But no one cares about that now.  The Cowboys and I are about to get our revenge.

These two sides, both 10-6, will go at it for just the second time in playoff history. The Seahawks won the only other encounter in 2007. But we aren’t talking about that today.

I don’t ask for a lot in this world, but I need my Cowboys to stand up this week and make Rusty pay for the punishment I received at the hands of Jono.

This might sound like I have a score to settle and that would be correct. I can put up with the abusive texts, the pictures of Rusty with his Superbowl ring or even the insults I copped for spending a first-round draft pick on Amari Cooper. But all that means nothing when these two teams walk into the greatest stadium on earth on Saturday night.

We all know Kris Richard is looking for revenge as well. He is going to have this defense primed and ready to fire as we approach the biggest game in recent memory for Cowboys fans.

I cannot wait for Leighton Vander Esch or my boy Jaylon Smith to bury Rusty into the turf at AT&T. The cheers as the home crowd erupt and we all make Jono eat his words.

Good luck. May the best team win. Dallas.



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