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The Gloat: Cowboys Make Winning Plays To Beat Seahawks

The Dallas Cowboys continued their season after pulling out a heart-pounding 24-22 win over the Seahawks in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. It was Dak Prescott’s first career playoff win and he had plenty to do with the outcome.

This game was for all those haters who said the Cowboys couldn’t beat a good team, couldn’t defeat a team that was led by a gamer like Russell Wilson or against a coach who had never lost his first game in the playoffs. Heck, even the smart men who tell us who is the better team when they set the gambling odds told us the Seahawks were the better team (home team gets 3 points and the spread was just -2.5).

For the Cowboys, every postseason win since the turn of the century seems huge and it came because of the efforts of Prescott, the Ezekiel Elliott, and the defense. The running game was relentless and Elliott gained the dirty yards all game long to wear down the Seattle defense. It showed in the fourth quarter when Elliott and Prescott ran for 74 yards.

However, it was the timing of those runs. Prescott attempted four of his five runs in the fourth quarter and each was more important than the one prior to it. The third and 14 run was a spectacular play that sealed the game.

Dallas’ defense was a huge part of the win as well. The unit forced seven three and outs and slowed the league’s best rushing offense, holding them to just 73 yards on the ground. If it weren’t for a few outstanding individual catches from the Seahawks, the Cowboys might have won the game easily.

The player of the game was Prescott, though. Dak followed a script that has gotten awfully familiar in his three years in the NFL. It’s not always going to be perfect, he missed an open Noah Brown that turned into an interception, but in the game’s biggest moments, Prescott is at his best. Prescott made big throws late in the game and his gutty scramble to put the game away will be talked about for years to come.

The Cowboys needed their best players to be at their best in this game, and they all showed up. Zeke had 30 touches for 169 yards and a score, Prescott was great and Amari Cooper had seven catches for 106 yards.

It was a great team win for the Dallas Cowboys, a team that no one thought would be here eight games into the season. There’s more work to do, but it sure was fun getting a playoff win and shutting up some of the haters.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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