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It’s a Tuesday during the NFL season, and you know what that means for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, we get to listen to Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones talks about his team with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. You never know what will come out of Jerry’s mouth when he gets behind a microphone and we capture some of the fun for you.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s with Jerry, the last one of the season.

On not talking after the loss to the Rams: “To get to the locker room from where I sit, is impossible, especially getting through so many Cowboys fans…I just couldn’t move.”

Jerry speak: It’s difficult to move when we lose, I have more pep in my step when we win.

Reality: If the Cowboys would’ve won, I would’ve moved heaven and earth to get there and talk to you. However, since they lost it was very difficult to make it down to the locker room.

On the defense and how they performed: “I’ve had the benefit of looking at the tape…frankly, we never got traction, literally, that was a slippery field. We had trouble digging in. But we picked a bad day to have a bad game, from numerous players.

Jerry speak: We didn’t really lose, the Rams purposefully let the field get as wet as possible so we couldn’t play our best defense. The league will hear about this!

Reality: The field was the same for both teams and the Cowboys just got outplayed. Jones is also right, some of their best players didn’t play well at all.

On the Rams knowing what their defense was doing? “I do (buy that) but coaches like Don Shula and Tom Flores told me that everybody read your signals (Cowboys Super Bowl years) and we still couldn’t stop you. That’s been around this league for years.”

Jerry speak: Everyone steals signals, but we didn’t care because we’re good enough to win anyway.

Reality: The Cowboys have to be better at changing things up. You can’t be predictable and have people stealing your signs. This team just isn’t good enough to give away any information, they don’t have Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin or Emmitt Smith. They need to be smarter moving forward.

On 4th and 1 play: “We’ve seen it work, but we’ve been challenged on the interior all year.”

Jerry speak: It wasn’t the best play call.

Reality: If Jones knows it was a play call that hasn’t been successful, what are the odds that the Rams knew what was coming too? The coaches need to be held accountable for the play call.

On the coaching staff and possible changes: “We changed our coaching staff dramatically, we started off slow, but it kicked in and we got better and better. We made adjustments, put emphasis on run-pass option…when I look at our coaching staff, I give it a good grade.” Jones also says Jason Garrett would’ve had five coaching offers if he was on the market two weeks ago, “I know that.”

Jerry speak: We made some changes, how many more do you want me to make? Firing and adding coaches ain’t free, ya know.

Reality: The Cowboys need to move on from Scott Linehan, period. The team improved but they still had major flaws that can be addressed with the staff. Garrett surely would have gotten another job if he was fired.

On Scott Linehan specifically: “This is a talented group and we can get better. From a standpoint of the offensive coordinator, it’s the number one place where teams make changes…based on our scores, it doesn’t surprise me that offensive coordinator would be the person most criticized.”

Jones went on to say he reserves the right to change his mind on anything, at any time.

Jerry speak: No decision has been made, but we’ll be looking into the offensive coordinator on our staff and whether or not he should return.

Reality: Linehan needs to go, but Jones isn’t going to make the move just yet. He’s saying the right things before he makes a move, but it’s clear he’s the one making the decision.

What’s stopping the Cowboys from taking the next step? “We’ll take a look at this team and this staff and find out what gives us the best chances to get out of the second round. The first part is getting to and out of the first round.”

Jerry speak: I have no idea, but I’m looking into it.

Reality: This is an important off-season. The Cowboys have a young team on the rise, they need to get everything right heading into the 2019 season.

On Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott extensions: “Not about to talk about anyone under contract…our goal is to put the best players in the best position (to win). Do I want them here? Yes.”

Jerry speak: I’m not going to give either of their agents any ammunition to drive the price up.

Reality: Both are likely to be Cowboys for a long time, but they may not have the money for a Zeke extension just yet. Dak will get paid this off-season.

*Please note, not all quotes are exact, but the words come straight from Jerry Jones

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