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Cowboys Part Ways With Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan

Dallas Cowboys fans can now rejoice, the man most place the blame on for the team’s shortcomings has been let go. The Cowboys and Scott Linehan mutually agreed to part ways, according to a statement made by head coach Jason Garrett.

There is no word on who might be coming to replace Linehan, but the word is Dallas has already begun interviewing coordinators for the position.

For now, there’s a collective sigh of relief from Cowboys Nation. Garrett mentioned earlier in the week he didn’t anticipate any major coaching changes. Thankfully, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

Gone are the days of fans calling the plays from the couch before the team runs them.

Gone are the automatic first and 10 runs into stacked boxes.

Gone are the predictable screens on third and long that don’t give the team a chance to convert.

Gone are the simple routes where receivers run to the first down markers and turn around.

Gone is the pathetic play calling in the red zone.

That’s the hope, anyway.

This had to be done. The Cowboys were no longer able to score enough points to compete for a Super Bowl. The teams’ ranks have dropped significantly in the last three seasons. Dallas was 22nd in offense this year, 14th last year and fifth in 2016. They also hit a three-year low in points per game at 21.2 this season.

It was an offense that had become very stale, extremely predictable and seemingly hadn’t evolved in years. As the man in charge of it all, Linehan had to go.

The Cowboys had running backs who did win rushing titles in 2014 (DeMarco Murray), as well as 2016 and 2018 (Ezekiel Elliott) under Linehan, but there was little creativity in his play calling or design. With offenses booming around the league, the Cowboys were headed in the wrong direction and it was frustrating to watch. Linehan also didn’t utilize all of the strengths of his players, including the legs of Dak Prescott.

We’ll see if the new hire offers a change in offensive thinking, but the positive news is that Linehan is out in Dallas.

The scapegoats are disappearing.

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