New Offensive Coordinator For Cowboys Will Come From Within

The Dallas Cowboys began addressing one problem from the 2018 season when they let go of Scott Linehan last week. Linehan was the source of much vitriol from Cowboys fans over the past two years.

However, now the question has become, who will replace Linehan as offensive coordinator?

All roads appear to be leaning towards an in-house candidate. The Joneses and Jason Garrett have all hinted this to us this ever since the season ended.

Garrett didn’t foresee major changes, even though he did make one by letting Linehan go, and Jerry Jones said that he’s “in no hurry” to name the new offensive coordinator. Jones also added that he likes the “guys we’ve got in-house.”

Actions speak louder than words and that rings true here for the Cowboys. The team has yet to interview anyone publicly (minus some mystery candidate last week) and there doesn’t appear to be any meetings set-up in the future.

If the Cowboys wanted to hire someone from an outside organization, they would have moved quickly to secure his services. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, so the next offensive coordinator will probably come from inside the team, which means we can rule out two possible candidates. Saints’ assistant head coach Dan Campbell and Georgia Bulldogs’ offensive coordinator James Coley don’t look like they are going to be Dallas’ new offensive coordinator. Both were names floated since Linehan was axed.

That leaves the leading candidates to be tight ends coach Doug Nussmeier and quarterbacks coach/possible passing game coordinator Kellen Moore. Those are the two best possible guesses and all the chatter coming out of Dallas indicates it will be one of these two coaches from the current staff that will get the job.

Which begs the question, if the Cowboys hire either Moore or Nussmeier, what is changing on the offense? Moore is a Linehan disciple, Nussmeier worked with Garrett mentor Nick Saban and was hired by Garrett last year.

What’s more, the talk is also that Garrett will be calling the plays on game day with one of these coaches running the offense.

So what changes if almost all of the pieces remain the same?

The answers will come and no one knows how good, or different, the offense will look in 2019. We also can’t determine if Nussmeier or Moore will be an improvement over Linehan. They’ll be time to delve into what kind of coordinator either coach would be, but for now, they are the likeliest options.

The Dallas Cowboys will soon have a new offensive coordinator and he will come from inside the organization, get ready for that eventuality. And the reaction that will come with it.

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