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Fire Garrett!

YES, it’s time for the Cowboys to fire head coach Jason Garrett. Scott Linehan and his stale offense are already gone, Kellen Moore is “expected” to be named offensive coordinator any day, and Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard run the defense. That leaves the powerless puppet Garrett as the head coach who has won nothing and is more of a clap-happy cheerleader than the leader of a winning football team.

Garrett is the proud owner of two playoff wins in nine years. I can’t recall any other coaching job on earth where two playoff wins in nine years equals job security. Guess that kind of mediocrity is hard to come by.

Garrett and his “process” remind me of that old 60-year-old high school teacher who’s burned out but has tenure. Somehow in today’s NFL where teams change coaches like people change underwear, Jason Garrett has achieved the ultimate goal. No not a Superbowl, but coaching tenure.

Dallas fans have had it. America’s team and “mediocrity” should not be in the same sentence, but that’s what the Cowboys have been for the last few seasons, all show and no go at playoff time.

The real question is what is Garrett good at? He was considered a slick play designer back in the day BUT did that work out against the Rams in the divisional round this season? Unless his game plan was to run Zeke 20 times for 47 yards, he got outcoached period. Shutdown on 3rd down, he got outcoached. Period.

Most NFL teams scheme to get their guys open. The Sean McVay’s and Bill Nagy’s of the world are innovative play designers that put pressure on opposing defenses in a million different ways. Using multiple formations and personnel groups are how other teams are winning. Where is that kind of innovation from Garrett?

Putting players in motion and using play-action opens up the offense. When was the last time you saw the Cowboys run trips receivers or bunch formations? Where is that kind of innovation from Garrett?

For a guy who’s been known as a play designer, it’s hard to understand the football logic of running into an 8 man box on first down time and time again. It’s boring, it’s predictable, and Ezekiel Elliot is too good a running back to have a bad game-plan stall a playoff run.

Through his tenure with the Cowboys, Garrett has demonstrated poor clock management, lackluster offensive game planning, and is great at nothing except being mediocre. How did we get here? Before Dak took over the reins, Romo covered up a lot of the “clapper” Garrett’s inefficiencies. Dak isn’t quite there as far as seeing the field and calling his own plays to get out of a bad situation.

Something has got to change and Dallas need to take advantage of this window. Working for Jerry can be a problem for some coaches. Bill Parcells didn’t want “the player” T.O. but Jerry made that happen. Can Jerry let somebody else be the genius that makes all this work?

Sean Peyton, who has a comfortable situation with the Jones’ family. If he were coaching the Boys, he could scheme this team to 30 points a game and into Superbowl contention. Garrett, a Princeton grad, tries to relate to his 2o something-year-old players with references to Bruce Springsteen. It’s a safe bet most twenty-somethings have never heard of Mr. Springsteen.  The game has passed Garrett by and America’s team deserves better. The first step, however, is admitting there is an issue.

In the NFL, it’s X’s and O’s, not Jimmy and Joe’s and Dallas’ current Coach “Process” is holding the potential offensive talents hostage. Cowboys fans have had enough. C’mon Jerry, do the fans a favor and FIRE GARRETT!

Now you know Broe @Broeham

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