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Changes Have Begun For The Cowboys

The offseason isn’t quite here yet, but the changes for the Dallas Cowboys have already begun. No teams are ever the same the next season and there needed to be moves made in order to get this team over the hump.

It began with the calls to say goodbye to Scott Linehan. Those screams were heard and the team jettisoned their offensive coordinator a few weeks ago. The offensive results spoke for themselves this season and a new direction was necessary, we just haven’t found out who will be leading the offensive charge yet.

The leader in the clubhouse appears to former quarterbacks coach Kellen Moore. Regardless of what some fans think of him, and everyone has their opinion, we don’t know how well he’ll handle the job. Colleagues and former coaches rave about Moore’s mind for the game, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now and see what he can do with the offense before judging.

For now, Moore has a new title, offensive passing game coordinator. The new gig for Moore left a spot open for Jon Kitna to become the new quarterback coach. Kitna is another one who former players and coaches rave about. Many who know Kitna have called him a leader and a straight shooter who should help Dak Prescott continue to improve in year four.

Those are the changes we know about, but more are forthcoming. Defensive passing game coordinator and defensive backs coach Kris Richard could be in line for a new title in 2019. Perhaps assistant head coach or a co-defensive coordinator moniker will be coming Richard’s way. After being courted for possible head coaching jobs, the Cowboys would be wise to lock up one of their up and coming coaches to stop potential poachers.

Cowboys fans have been clamoring for coaching changes for the past few years and the team has obliged by turning over much of their staff in the last two years.

The big changes, of course, come later in the offseason when free agency comes along. Dallas isn’t a big player on the open market anymore, but they will fill in the gaps with players on the secondary market in free agency. They have too many free agents of their own to re-sign and they’ll be active in finding role players to improve their weaknesses before the draft comes along.

Changes are underway in Dallas, the coaching staff comes first and the players will follow. The hope is they make the right changes in order to be playing in the Super Bowl instead of watching next year.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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