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Why the Cowboys Wont sign Earl Thomas

It was December 24th, 2017 when Earl Thomas made his way to the Cowboys locker room and told Jason Garrett “Come get me”. This offseason Dallas fans have assumed his addition was a lock and had their eye on an Earl Thomas #29 Cowboys jersey. Sorry Cowboys fans, it ain’t happening!

The Cowboys are flush with salary cap room for the first time in a long time and it looked like they were going to big players in free agency. When you add the obvious need at safety with his desire to play in big D, it all made sense. But the Texas native who just moved his family back to his home state this offseason is looking to be the highest paid safety in the league, and Steven and Jerry will not do that and for good reason.

Home town discount is a phrase often thrown around but how often does that actually happen? Back when Thomas made his way to the Boys locker room, a discount sounded like it was coming. But somehow a player that is about to turn 30 and has been injured the last two seasons is about to break the bank and is seeking 15 million plus a year.

The Cowboys do have a litany of other moves to make and dollars to spend on retaining some of their own. The Demarcus Lawrence deal has hit a snag and his cap number is going to eat a huge chunk of cap space. There’s also expected extensions coming for Amari Cooper and Byron Jones and there’s only so many mouths a team is able to feed.

Dallas has a young team and is in a good cap situation due to their frugalness when spending on “outsiders”. The last big fish free agent the team signed was Brandon Carr back in 2012 and that didn’t exactly pan out. The Cowboys have avoided overpaying for aging veterans and have relied on the draft and lesser priced free agents to fill out the roster and I don’t see that changing in 2019.

This is a tough pill to swallow because the team has the need, the cap room, and at one time he said he wanted to play in Dallas. If Earl will sign for 10 or 11 million a year, he will have that star on his helmet. But this is the NFL folks, and if it doesn’t make dollars it don’t make sense.

Now you know Broe @broeham

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