David Irving

David Irving Retires In Viral Post

In one of the strangest rants of the off-season, former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving ‘retired’ from the NFL…while smoking marijuana. And it was all captured by Irving, on video.

Irving was already looking at an indefinite suspension before the 2019 season and it’s now doubtful he’ll ever play in the league again. The Cowboys were extremely unlikely to re-sign Irving regardless, but it was an odd tirade, even for a player who has been known to move the beat of his own drum.

In the viral social media post, Irving said, “Basically guys, I quit. There’s a lot (expletives) up with the league.”

Irving does make some valid points about the NFL’s antiquated views on marijuana and how the league provides more addicting drugs in order to play or in dealing with injuries. There are a number of players who believe in the same theory as Irving, but most don’t go on a video rant while smoking.

It’s sad watching a talented player like Irving throw away his professional career while still in his prime. Irving had issues staying out of trouble during his time with the Cowboys, getting suspended twice, but he was a difference maker on it. In just 37 career games, he had 12.5 sacks as a mostly part-time player.

Retiring from the game is one thing, but retiring so you can smoke marijuana and disagree on the league’s rules are another. It’s his life and he can live how he wants, but we’ve seen the last of Irving on the football field.

Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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