Dallas Cowboys - Dak Prescott And Amari Cooper

Cowboys Need to Scoop Coop

In the famous words of a popular, long-running game show,  Amari Cooper and Tyreek Hill can “come on down” because they’re the next contestants on the wide receiver “Price is Right”. Antonio Brown opened the flood gates with a Saturday night tweet about his new home with Raider nation. Brown was able to secure a deal worth 18 million a year at 31 years old. You can bet wide receivers like Hill, Cooper, and others have taken note. Cooper is  24 years old with talent and a lot of room to grow. Jerry Jones should seal the deal and extend his wide receiver as soon as possible.

The Cowboys have a lot of cap room for the first time in years, however, with extensions likely for Demarcus Lawrence, Byron Jones, and Dak, there’s only so much room to give. The Boys have already invested a first round pick in Cooper and with the latest developments in wide receiver land, he now has some leverage. Jerry’s going to have to open up his pocketbook, and he knows it.

Antonio Brown’s deal broke the bank and Tyreek Hill will probably want a deal for 20 million a year. The time for Jerry to lock it in is now before another good receiver hits pay dirt. It’s no secret, Cooper helps Dak’s game tremendously and the often unpredictable quarterback needs all the help he can get.

An investment has already been made with the first round pick so Jerry should spend 15 million if that’s the number before it turns into 20. Amari can play and is a bonafide WR#1 who deserves his payday. He gets open, gets 1000 plus yards, and moves the chains while eating up cornerbacks. The Cowboys need him.

An extension would help the salary cap because he’s due for a 13 million payout this season. It would also create salary cap room for a player like Earl Thomas or Gerald McCoy who could help this playoff team reach a whole new level.

Dallas is getting close to its potential, Cowboy fans. If  Jerry opens his checkbook and gives Cooper the right price, they’ll be that much closer. The Cowboys should definitely scoop Coop!

Now you know Broe @broeham

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