For Giants – It’s Barkley Time

While attending the preseason opener, my 10-year-old buddy Jack yelled out, “It’s Barkley Time!” I think this should be a new chant for New York Giant’s fans. After a phenomenal first carry in the preseason, making more cuts in a single run than a butcher in a leggings shop, and leaving numerous defenders sprawled in his wake, Sequon Barkley went into hiding. He was nursing a minor hamstring injury. Fair enough.

Then, in Game number 1 of the regular season against the Jaguars, the rookie sensation-hopeful made good on the hype. The New York Giants held their own against Jacksonville’s offense but offensively the New York Giants’ struggled. You can blame the offensive line but that’s a work-in-progress and there’s a lot to be optimistic about there.

Barkley’s first carries netted negative yardage. On the next carry, Barkley did what he does best: jump cuts, leaving defenders sprawled, breaks to the outside for more yardage. Then he shouldered into yet another defender, knocking him out of the way for a first down. This was a preview of what Barkley Time could look like.

Down 20 to 9 in the 4th quarter, Manning handed off to Barkley who cut left, found nothing, cut back right, across the field, made jump cuts, broke a tackle, then raced to the sideline where he found his lane.

Then Sequon Barkley broke free.

He ran 68 yards into the end zone for his first official NFL touchdown. Nobody even came close to stopping him. After all the hype, after all the questions, Sequon Barkley did what he was brought in to do: he ran.

Barkley did not show off in the end zone. He did not do some big “this is my first touchdown!” song and dance in the end zone. No, he simply held up the football he had so carefully transported into the end zone as if to say, “done.”

And by doing so, he firmly established Barkley time. Watch for Barkley Time against the Cowboys this Sunday. Ya never know.

Stephen Tesher

Stephen Tesher

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Stephen Tesher

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