Odell Beckham

The World According to Beckham and its Effect on his Team

Odell Beckham Jr.’s opinionated comments throughout this New York Giants dismal season have been highly criticized as damaging to the morale and unity of the team. Beckham has criticized the offensive line for not protecting Eli Manning well enough (who hasn’t?) to give Manning the time to throw; he has criticized Eli Manning for not being willing to throw further than 20 yard passes, an accurate assessment. His behavior on the sidelines has been highly noticeable. It’s as if he’s looking to show the world that he is not pleased with his team’s performance. Or his own.

And why should he be satisfied? While the New York Giants finished 3 and 13 last season, they are on track to win even fewer games this year. The team has essentially lost hope. They are already discussing draft pick solutions to rebuild. And the organization is facing the grim dilemma of how to gracefully allow a once-amazing quarterback whose career is done to discover that fact for himself.

So Odell bangs his head against cooling fans, screams on the sidelines, and tells the media that he’s dissatisfied with his team’s play.

The result? Mixed reviews. His teammates aren’t quick to dime him out but there’s definitely been talk of a glum, sometimes tense locker room atmosphere.

Odell “hates losing.” The New York Giants lost to the Falcons by only 3 points. After playing a well-fought game, the New York Giants lost to the Panthers on a last second, miraculous, 63-yard field goal.

Odell’s point is, he believes he’s on a team that can and should be winning. He’s trying to do whatever is in his power to pump his teammates up and motivate them. In his own words, what he says and how he says it is not always taken in the right context. Bottom line, Odell’s not putting down his teammates. He is trying to inspire them.

The Giants need a lot of inspiration right now. So, maybe Beckham’s got the right idea, if not the best delivery.

Any other suggestions?

Let’s go. ‘Cause ya never know!

Stephen Tesher

Stephen Tesher

ProFootball Free Lance Writer at SportsTalkLine.com
Writer/Editor, Educator. I write books and scripts; I blog at www.teshtalk.com. But my best job is 'Dad'. Let's go! 'Cause ya never know...
Stephen Tesher

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