Cowboys vs Giants

Giants Close Out Season in Meaningless Game vs Cowboys

The New York Giants will close out their season this weekend with a divisional game against the Cowboys. But it’s hard to say it’s even a game worth watching.

The Cowboys are a classic rival of the Giants, and, of recent years, have been the team to beat in the NFC East. But this game is a little different. The Cowboys are playing in the post-season. The Giants are not.

This means that the Cowboys have everything to lose. And the Giants have nothing to lose. I’d say they have everything to gain, only because it sounds good to say that. they don’t have anything to gain besides a little pride. but at this point, the Giants should be thinking about their rebuilding moves and draft choices. In that scenario, a loss might do more to help the Giants than a win.

But who plays to lose? Not coach Shurmur. Not his players.

Dallas should be doing all they can to secure the best seeds through the layoffs, so they need a win. At the same time, they’re going to be playing post-season football so they would be wise to rest their better players and work out their younger players in this game.

Either way, it’s not a game with anything on the line, unlike so many of the other games this weekend that could change the playoff picture entirely.

Look for Saquon to have a big game. He’s got his rookie season to still prove and he’s a workhorse regardless of the situation. Eli Manning is probably¬†thinking about his vacation plans at this point. So would many of the other seasoned veterans. And who would blame them?

I predict a Cowboys win.

Stephen Tesher

Stephen Tesher

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