Saquon Barkley poised to Shatter Numerous Records in Possible Rookie-of-the-Year Season

Saquon Barkley’s rookie season has been sensational. And yet he is poised to break several records in this final game against the Cowboys. For starters, he needs 114 more total yards (either from rushing or receiving) to earn a 2000 total yard season. If he does, Barkley would be only the third rookie to achieve this benchmark (Erik Dickerson and Edgerrin James are the other two. Damn good company).

When asked about the possibility of reaching this milestone, Saquon commended the efforts of his teammates who helped him get there; the offensive line, especially. He rarely takes credit for his own achievements.

Reggie Bush holds the record for most running back receptions during his 2006 rookie season with 88. Saquon is two receptions away from breaking that a 12-year-old record. Barkley has been held to only two receptions only twice this year. this is a very possible record to retake. Furthermore, if Barkley gets 5 or more receptions against the Cowboys he will break his own teammate Odell Beckham Jr’s all-time rookie record of 91.

And since Odell won’t be playing against Dallas – again – Eli will have more reason to look to Barkley to receive.

Barkley could also add to his phenomenal stats if he breaks out for another 40-yard or more play; he has eight so far this season. Over the last 28 years, only two other running backs have surpassed 8 40-plus yard plays in a single season: Chris Johnson had 10 in 2009, and Hall-of-Famer, Barry Sanders had 12 in his 1997 rookie year, according to 247

Here’s another crazy stat for you: According to Dan Schneier of “[o]n Saquon Barkley’s 78-yard touchdown run during the Giants’ Week 14 win over the Washington Redskins, he reached a top speed of 21.91 miles per hour, according to NFL Next Generation Stats. According to the NextGen Stats season-long charting, Barkley’s touchdown run goes down as the fastest speed reached by any player on a rushing touchdown during the 2018 season through the first 14 weeks.”

Barkley had the fastest rushing touchdown run speed in the entire league this year. The fastest. That’s some stat.

These and other stats combined make for a great argument as to why Saquon Barkley should win the Rookie-of-the-year award. But what’s especially more impressive is how humble and low key the young Barkley is about all of his success. He credits anyone else but himself for making it possible for his success having occurred. For a young man, Saquon is extremely level-headed. He is calm and respectful. On the field, he is doing his job at his position better than most of the other backs in the league.

See what happens against the Cowboys. See how many records Saquon breaks. And then yo decide if he should be awarded the title of this year’s best rookie.

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