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Odell Beckham Isn’t Going Anywhere

Last season the Giants were entertaining offers for Odell Beckham Jr. Reports came out that both the Rams and Patriots went hard after him. Both could have used a healthy Odell in the Super Bowl. But ultimately the Giants pulled Beckham off the trading block and signed him to a five-year $90 million dollar contract. If the Giants were going to trade the star wide receiver they would have done it last season and not signed the massive contract.

In February someone wrote into Jay Glazer’s mailbag and asked him to make a bold prediction.

“I predict Odell Beckham Jr gets traded this off-season. I think that’s bold enough”

So, Mr. Glazer was asked to make a bold prediction and he did. But the thing with bold predictions is they usually do not come to fruition, that’s why they are bold predictions. But the internet has taken this bold prediction by storm and has run with it.

I am going to make a not so bold prediction, but a realistic one. Odell Beckham Jr will be catching passes from none other than Eli Manning this upcoming season. Giants general manager Dave Gettleman on the Beckham trade rumors:

“We didn’t sign him to trade him.”

The Giants would have to eat $21 million dollars if they trade Beckham this season. That is no chump change. Plus, they would have to hope they can find someone to replace Beckham, also not happening. I don’t think the Giants are that far from contending again. Why trade away one of your best assets?

Yes, there are a few teams out there that want Beckham on their team. There are many fan bases out there that want Beckham on their team. Those of you that are part of the Giants’ fan base congratulations, you have Beckham. If you are not part of the Giants’ fan base you will not get Beckham in 2019.

If it ain’t football news, is it worth reading?

Matt Woolsey

Matt Woolsey

ProFootball Free Lance Writer at SportsTalkLine.com
I was a December baby born in 1980. Married to my beautiful bride Jen for the past 15 years, and father of 3. Been a 49ers fan since the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice. I've been playing fantasy football for almost 20 years, been playing dynasty for the past 5 years. All I can say is I love the game.

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