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Are the Giants all in on Eli Manning

The New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman addressed media earlier this week, discussing free agency, trades, and Eli Manning. The main point which has caught a lot of attention is Gettleman expressing his continued trust in Eli. Dave was quoted to be saying:

“This narrative that Eli’s overpaid and can’t play is a crock. What he’s making, there really wasn’t a decision to make.” – Dave Gettelman on Eli Manning

The Giants franchise again is showing continued support for their aging quarterback, however, this draft could change the teams future.

The Giants have the 6th overlay pick in the years draft, paired with the 17th from Cleveland. The question on everyone’s mind is which quarterback if any will they pick. For Kyler Murray, the talk is that if the Cardinals pick him up will they shop Josh Rosen. The Giants with their two picks could make a move for Rosen, and have him sit behind Eli this season. This would leave them probably with their 6th pick still, or worst case their 17th as well. Rosen is a quality quarterback, but he did not have the tools to succeed in Arizona. The second option would be acquiring Dwayne Haskins, hopefully, 6th overall, but they may have to move up for him. One final option for a quarterback would be going all in, seeing if Arizona would trade their first pick to acquire Murray.

The quarterback decision for New York is apparently still up in the air, as reports say they may not pick a quarterback at all. With a defensive heavy draft, the Giants are looking at all options. With the Giants needing an excess of players to fill a lot of holes they might look to do so.

This draft is going to be crucial for the future success of the Giants, setting important stepping stones. The draft will show how much trust they still have in Eli and if they have a replacement plan. If the replacement plan is there, it could well be Murray, Haskins, or Rosen.

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