Eagles Post Game – Rough Day in Tampa Bay

Coming into this game the Eagles were picked by almost every expert to win this game and shut down the magic that came from Ryan Fitzpatrick week one. However, when the final whistle blew the Eagles were holding their helmets wondering what exactly just happened to them on the field. A game that was suppose to be an easy victory for the defending champs became a battle in which they couldn’t keep up with a traveling back up quarterback. How did this happen? We will break down all three sections of the game below to explain how this upset occurred.

Eagles Offense

Nick Foles actually had a decent game in Tampa. He threw for 334 yards and 1 touchdown while completing 35/48 passes. With those stats, you expect the Eagles to run away with the contest, but the defense played a sub-par game that let the team down (more on the defense later). Zach Ertz  lead the wide receiver corp with 11 catches for 95 yards, followed swiftly by Nelson Agholor who had 8 catches for 88 yards. The surprise on offense was Josh Perkins having 4 catches instead of Dallas Goedert, who was relegated to the bench. Keep an eye on this 2nd round draft pick as this can be an interesting story line.

Eagles Defense

The Super Bowl champs wouldn’t give up 400 yards and 4 touchdowns to Ryan Fitzpatrick would they? That is exactly what happened as our superstar defense came up small in this game down in Florida. The player who was picked on the most was Jalen Mills as it seemed like the Buccaneers game plan was to attack his side. The defense did stop the run, however, there was a lot more passing than running in this game. Desean Jackson had a huge game on only 4 catches(129 yards and 1 touchdown), OJ Howard turned a missed tackle into a big game (3 for 96, 1 touchdown, and Mike Evans was no slouch either( 10 catches for 83 yards and 1 touchdown). This needs to be fixed by week 3 before the Colts come to town.

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Eagles Special Team

Jake Elliot missed a field goal in week 2 against the Buccaneers.  This can not become a habit for the Eagles as every point matters in the NFL. Hopefully Jake can get back to his winning ways in week 3.

From deep in the HEART of Philadelphia, we are swooping down on all Eagles news. Stay Tuned and #FlyEaglesFly

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