49er Jet Grounded For Season

A few weeks ago the 49ers lucked out when Jerick McKinnon suffered what was thought to be a knee injury ended up only being a calf strain. The 49ers chose to shut Mckinnon down for the remainder of the preseason as a precautionary move. Today during practice the 49ers luck ran out as Mckinnon tore his ACL during a non-contact play.

McKinnon signed a four-year 30 million dollar contract this past offseason and was looking to be the primary running back in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. The contract was front-loaded and the 49ers do have an out in 2019 with only a million and a half in dead cap money.

The hype surrounding McKinnon in Shanahan’s offense was making him a second/third round pick in fantasy football. Currently, I have had three drafts in the past week and wanted McKinnon but was never in the position to draft him. Right now I’m sure those other fantasy owners are screaming at their phone right now.

In what proves to be a small glimmer of hope for the 49ers backfield, they signed Alfred Morris to a one-year deal prior to their game against the Colts. Morris in his 49ers debut rushed the ball 17 times for 84 yards. Look for Morris and Matt Breida to split the carries as the new running tandem. I also will not be surprised if the 49ers pick up another running back purely for depth purposes though.

If you have already had your fantasy draft I would look to see if Morris or Breida are available in free agency. Especially if you are the McKinnon owner.

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