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Connor Williams is polished at the tackle position which makes it hard to find a flaw that I can say is a constant without sounding nitpicky. What stood out is his consistency with his technique. Williams displays a strong punch, elite level arm extension and surprisingly nimble feet for a man of his size.


An injury would be the only weakness but it seems that Williams has recovered just fine. The Texas offense averaged 233 rushing yards a game and 5.5 yards per carry with Williams on the field and 112 yards without him. For me to call anything Williams does on the field a weakness would be me over analyzing and making a mountain out of a molehill due to a missed block or an occasional penalty. The kid is that consistent.

YouTube Highlights:

I picked three spots in this video to show different aspects of Williams’ game, in the first play (at the 17 second mark) watch Williams’ feet. As he punches and extends his arms he maintains a solid base and even while in motion he never crosses his feet and keeps his body balanced.

Williams displays excellent technique when moving laterally to reach his target at the 28 second mark. Again, watch his feet, as he moves they never cross, this allows Williams an easy transition from moving laterally to creating power once contact is initiated with the defender.

Watch the speed in which Williams checks the first defender then moves through the second level to seal the back side at the 38 second mark.

Pro Comparison:


Overall Review:

Who needs a tackle in the top five of the NFL Draft? Williams is that level talent but the injury may cause a slight fall but definitely a top 12 pick.

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