BYU RB Squally Canada NFL Draft Profile

Height – 6’0″ Weight – 205lbs


Canada shows no hesitation when it comes to pushing into the pile. When tackles are made that he can’t break from he falls forward to gain yards. When the ball is thrown to him he reaches for it and doesn’t need the ball to hit his numbers in order to catch. Squally shows good ball carrier vision. He is probably best used to get tough yardage.


He’s not as shifty or fast on his feet. Canada has average to slightly above average speed.
The routes he runs are not as developed or multi-versed as I would have liked to see.
He has 2 to 3 routes.

YouTube Hightlights:

Pro Comparison:

Jay Ajayi

Overall Review:

Squally is a great player and would be most successful as a backup RB, for hard to get short yardage.  I believe he will be an asset to teams who need someone who isn’t hesitant to drive right in the center of a pile. If I had to make an early projection I would say he would go during the 4th round for the right team.

YouTube Bonus:

Sammy J Miller

Sammy J Miller

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