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Brian Cole

Recapping The Patriots Overtime Drive

At the time it almost looked easy. The Patriots offense moved smoothly down the field with patience and efficiency. They used both run and pass plays to carve up the Chiefs defense, and calmly punched the ball into the end zone to send themselves to Super Bowl 53. It may have seemed like a foregone conclusion. The Patriots offense had been playing well all game, and the Chiefs defense did not seem quite up

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Trubisky Invited to Go Bowling

Mitchell “TruBEARsky” Trubisky is Now a Pro Bowler The Chicago Bears second-year quarterback replaces Jared Goff in Orlando. He is the sixth Bear named to

Evaluating the Giants Offensive Line

Coming into the 2018 season there was a voice of uncertainty when it came to predicting how the Giants offensive line would perform. Changes had

WR Deebo Samuel NFL Draft Profile -... Published 1/22/2019 in NFL Draft TalkLineDeebo Samuel - WR

Deebo Samuel Wide Receiver South Carolina DOB - Jan 15, 1996 Height - 5'11" Weight - 215 - lbs Strengths: Route running is one of Deebo Samuels biggest strengths. Samuel showcased great route... read more→

LB David Long NFL Draft Profile - West... Published 1/22/2019 in NFL Draft TalkLineDavid Long - LB

David Long Jr. Linebacker West Virginia DOB - OCT 12 1996 Height - 5'11" 225 - lbs Twitter: @David_Long Strengths: Gap shooting ability is absolutely off the charts. Consistently makes plays... read more→

QB Daniel Jones NFL Draft Profile - Published 1/22/2019 in NFL Draft TalkLineDaniel Jones - QB

Daniel Jones Quarterback Duke RS Junior DOB - MAY 27 1997 Height - 6'5" Weight - 220-lbs Strengths: Ideal measurables for the quarterback position, listed at 6'5" 220-lbs. A dual-threat... read more→

QB Will Grier NFL Draft Profile - West... Published 1/22/2019 in NFL Draft TalkLineWill Grier - QB

Will Grier Quarterback West Virginia RS Senior DOB - APR 03 1995 Height - 6'1" Weight - 214-lbs Strengths: Has a great understanding of how to get the ball out quick and on time. Was extremely... read more→